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Benefits of Green Buildings for Your Business

It has become more apparent in the business world that sustainable buildings have become more of a necessity than a luxury. This can primarily be attributed to the fact that office buildings make up an estimated one-half of the energy and material consumption, one-sixth of the fresh water use, and one quarter of all wood harvested in the world. Constructing green buildings has now become a more cost-efficient and eco-friendly type of building design and construction.

Things to Know About Green Buildings

  • One of the primary benefits of green buildings is that they have now become more affordable. This is not only true for builders, but for those looking for office space. Green buildings will not only save builders money on the initial construction, but it will also save owners additional money down the road.
  • Creating a healthier environment for your employees is a great way to increase productivity. A recent study has shown that absenteeism for those who work in a green building is 40 percent lower than those who do not. Employees also take fewer sick days and are healthier overall than employees who work in a traditional building.
  • Green buildings also provide owners with a higher market value on their initial investment. When a building features sustainable design components it tends to have a higher resale value. Many buyers opt for green buildings because they understand that their maintenance costs and utility bills will be lower than if they were to invest in a traditionally built space. It has also been shown that green buildings often feature higher occupancy levels and experience lower vacancy rates.
  • There are also many different types of tax benefits associated with green buildings. These tax incentives have been designed to encourage the building of energy efficient green buildings. If you are considering constructing a green building for business use, you may be interested in the different types of tax incentives available in your area. Not only will you be constructing a building that is eco-friendly, but you will also be constructing a building that will help you save money now and in the future.

McKenzie Properties Builds and Owns Green Buildings

McKenzie Properties has seen the value of green buildings and has incorporated the technology into many of its properties. These buildings are growing more popular each day and we have several important connections to constructing green buildings with ease. Contact us today to move your green building forward!

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