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South Creek Center Nears Finish for McKenzie Properties

South Creek Center has been one of McKenzie Properties most coveted and anticipated projects to date, and after nearly six years the South Creek Center is approaching the finish line.

Finalizing South Creek Center

South Creek Center is a 60,000 square-foot retail space in South Reno that McKenzie Properties launched in October of 2008. The longstanding Reno company assumed a large risk in the South Creek venture given that the local economy was just a few weeks away from its most devastating collapse in recent memory.

Surviving the Economic Downturn

McKenzie Properties survived the economic downturn that many businesses and commercial projects could not and is now nearing completion of the South Creek Center. Nine total buildings will be comprise the South Creek Center and truly complete the neighborhood near the corner of South Virginia Street and Foothill Road.

Value of South Creek Center

South Reno’s rapid expansion in the past few years has garnered the need for more shopping outlets, local shops, boutiques and amenities for neighborhood residents. McKenzie Properties has seen tremendous value in this shopping center and has managed to fill all but one of the open slots in the center.

One Open Space in South Creek Center

A single 2,000 square-foot space remains vacant in the South Creek Center, and it is surrounded by popular local coffee shops, eateries, medical offices and other shopping outlets. The completion of the project will open up the possibility for a new business to enter the grounds at South Creek.

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