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Tilt at Golden Valley Industrial Complex

In September 2016, McKenzie Properties broke ground on two speculative industrial buildings located at 925 and 945 North Hills Boulevard in the Golden Valley Industrial Complex. The new buildings are 85,000 square feet and 62,000 square feet. Both buildings will feature modern upgrades and finishes. The structures are Class A tilt up construction. The projects are on pace for the spring 2017 completion date and are ready for the tilt portion of the construction process.
Tilt-up construction is a method often used because it can be more cost effective and offers a shorter completion time. Tilt-up construction method involves pouring and forming all the concrete elements of the building on the project site. This can include everything from walls to columns. Once the concrete has cured, the walls are tilted up vertically into position using cranes. The walls are braced in place until the rest of the building elements are manufactured.
For tilt up construction to be efficient, a lot of planning is required. First the pad or foundation must be poured and cured. Once that is completed, the walls are poured one by one, on top of each other. Each wall is formed in casts or forms. The forms are often made of plywood, but can also be made from aluminum or steel. The form is specific to each wall, including doors, windows and any other architectural components that are needed for the design of the building. A chemically reactive bondbreaker is sprayed between each layer to keep the layers from clinging together. This step is crucial to the success of the building. If the layers bond together, they must be dismantled and poured again. This can not only be a costly mistake financially, but also can greatly affect the completion date of the project. After the walls have been tilted into position, they are secured onto the foundation and braces are used to hold them in place. The braces are removed after the structural steel and roof are in place.
The new buildings at Golden Valley Industrial Complex are in a prime location, only .7 miles from Highway 395. The buildings both have a thirty-foot clear height, making them ideal for manufacturing and distribution centers. Both buildings will be outfitted with metal roofing, consistent with food grade facilities. For more information please call McKenzie Properties at 775-329-5181.

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